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I love Lemon Essential Oil!

I mean, who doesn’t love the fresh, zesty smell of fresh cut lemons in the air? This oil has made me so happy because now I can have this uplifting, fresh smell anytime of the day without it being artificial or synthetic. Manufacturers try. I’ll hand it to them. But they just can’t quite do justice to the real deal.

Check out my top 5 ways to make doTERRA Lemon Oil a true daily habit. I feel like Lemon oil is kind of the “MacGyver” of all oils – you know that amazing American hero who literally had everything in his pocket or on his belt to save the day and get out of any situation?

That’s pretty much like lemon oil. So, let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed anything you do with lemon oil daily. If you want to see the 5 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil video in our Daily Habits series, go here.

Top 5 Most Common Uses for Lemon Essential Oil


#1: Use Lemon Oil for Detoxing 🍋

doTERRA Lemon essential oil is awesome to take internally to support healthy digestion. I love to start my day with 2-3 drops of lemon in 8 ounces of water. I drink this before I eat anything to wake up my digestive system and get things moving. I actually prefer doing this in hot water, like a tea. This is super easy to do, especially since you just woke yourself up with a 30-second “Peppermint Pick-Me-Up.”


#2: Use Lemon Oil for Cleaning 🍋

One of my jobs growing up was dusting the house on Saturday morning. I remember taking a soft rag and…you guessed it, Lemon Pledge, and spraying down the piano or the end tables or the bookshelf and watching the dust disappear like a magic eraser. The best part was the lemony smell left in its wake.

But what I didn’t know then was that the yummy lemon smell was synthetic. While this may not seem too bad, synthetic cleaners wreak havoc on the endocrine system (hormones) and can persist in the air for up to 3 days after, causing headaches and other not-so-yummy things.

Lemon oil has been a God-send. I mean, they had to get the idea for that awesome, fake lemon smell from somewhere! Doesn’t it just make sense that the real, natural thing would smell soooooo much better? It’s really hard to improve on perfection and lemon oil as a natural cleaner is near perfect.

Add about 10 drops to a glass spray bottle like these and spritz down countertops, bathrooms, and floors. Or you can actually get everything you need like labels and even recipes to create all your own home cleaning products, with lemon oil as the staple oil.


#3: Use Lemon Oil for Cooking 🍋

Have I told you already how much I love lemon anything? This includes lemon things that can go in my mouth. I LOVE lemon gooey bars, lemon bread, lemon cookies, lemon poppyseed muffins, lemon pepper chicken, and lemon in my smoothies.

It’s so easy and pretty fool-proof to use in your cooking. To make Lemon oil a daily habit try these ideas:

  • Add a drop or two to your favorite fruit smoothie recipe, like this Green Machine.
  • Add 5 drops to a plain, nut, or blueberry muffin recipe.
  •  Add 5 drops to a sugar cookie recipe, or try out my favorite lemon cookie recipe.
  • Add 2-3 drops per chicken breast. Marinate in a ZipLock bag with water, lemon oil, and salt. For a real kick, add in a drop of doTERRA Black Pepper oil as well!
  • Add a few drops to store-bought hummus or try this homemade recipe out.


#4: Use Lemon Oil for Residue Removal 🍋

The other day I bought a new stainless steel water bottle from Mashall’s. I was bummed because they put the price tag on a place that was really hard (next to impossible) to get off. After minutes of scraping, I removed what I could of the sticker but was left with a gummy mess.

Never fear. Lemon is here.

I grabbed my oil, which sits on my kitchen counter right next to my hand soap for such reasons, and put it full strength on the gummy area. I rubbed it around and then rinsed. It was almost completely off but for good measure I added one more drop and repeated the process.

Good as new!


#5: Use Lemon Oil for Uplifting 🍋

Lemon is one of the most uplifting aromas. It is why when we clean with synthetic furniture polish we “trick” our senses into believing we are more wide-eyed and uplifted. But if you’ve never tried the real thing for a natural mood booster, I highly recommend it.

Make this a daily habit by adding 1-2 drops into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and inhale deeply for 30 seconds. Savor the aroma and enjoy the moment!

You can also add 5-6 drops to a diffuser by itself or mix with other essential oils. Lemon mixes really well into many diffuser blends, which is a great and super easy way to make this oil a part of your daily routine.


With its cleansing and uplifting properties, you will want to use it every day! And an added bonus is, it’s only $10! Not bad for being such a versatile oil. 💛


What are some other ways you’ve made using Lemon Essential oil a daily habit?

Share your thoughts with me below. I’d love to hear!