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I’ve talked to so many people who are afraid to use essential oils simply because they don’t know how to use them or how to make them a daily habit. If that’s you…

Take Heart

Most new things we try are unfamiliar to us and are not yet a habit. It takes time and patience with ourselves to create any new thing as a habit in our lives.

But here are 3 fairly simple things I began to implement in my own life to create a daily habit of using essential oils.

3 Ways to Make Essential Oils a Daily Habit

1: Start with a Simple Plan

Determine your top 3 health priorities. Use this doTERRA LIVE Guide to record your health goals, look up solutions, and make a simple daily plan.


You can use the pre-determined Morning, Afternoon, and Evening suggestions on page 16 of the Guide or create your own plan. Start with the oils you have and write them into the blanks next to your top 3 health goals.

You can also look up your issues in our favorite oil book called The Essential Life Book. It is SO helpful and I’ve learned so much from it. Our sits on the counter and is referenced daily by myself and my kids. They come and say, “Mom, what do I use for —” and I say, “I don’t know. Go look in the book.” I want them to learn to own their health and look it up themselves. This is the perfect resource to accomplish that.

You can also call the person who invited you to doTERRA and schedule a wellness consultation with them to create your Simple Oil Plan so that they can show you exactly which oils to use for what health goals and what times of day to use them.


2: Station Your Oils Where You’ll Practically Use Them

This may sound like common sense but when I first got started with oil, I had my oils in one place – my kitchen cabinet. As time went on, however, I realized I didn’t need my sleeping oils, like Lavender or Serenity in the kitchen cabinet. I needed them by my bedside. Over time, my couple oils evolved into a whole plethora and I had to get a small oil box to store them. It’s like my original bottles had babies and multiplied all over my house! 😂

Don’t worry. It’s not a must to have a box by your bed, but I’ll warn you. Once you start to use them daily and you experience how they work, you get hooked and want to try them for everything…so you may have oils all over your house like we do!

I found that I liked keeping the majority of our oils on the kitchen counter in a cool box so that the whole family could come to grab them. And I like the emotional blends and my favorite citrus oils on a small tray in our Family Room where we like to gather as many evenings during the week that our sports and homework schedules will allow.


3: Introduce One New Oil Every Few Days

If you’re an “All In” personality,  you may disregard this step completely, but for most of us, even those of us who are more “All In” types, it’s good to bite off a little bit at a time so that using oils becomes a true daily habit.

Start with your top 3 health priorities and begin using the oils you have for 1 or all 3 of those. If starting out using oils for all 3 is overwhelming or you forget to do it, take one top health priority at a time, do that for a few days, then add in the second health goal. Use the essential oils that will help that issue and then move on to the third one a few days later.

Try these 3 things to start creating a daily habit out of using essential oils.  I’m excited to see how you create consistency and how it changes your health.

Consistency is the key.

If you want short and long-term health changes, the only way is to create a daily habit. I use oils daily, weekly, and monthly and I can tell you they work!

Which one was the most helpful for you in incorporating oils into your daily routine?