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I love getting stories like these!  This is one dedicated grandfather.  He read our advice on how to get kids moving more and applied it to his grandson.  It takes a team sometimes to raise a family.  I love it when my kids’ grandparents reinforce good habits in my kids – just like this grandfather is doing!




BURSTClub your article on getting kids to exercise is one of the best articles I have ever encountered in my whole 59 years.


My Grandson was born 3 months pre-mature (now 8) and because of this has always been “babied.”


It’s a collaborative effort between granparents and parents now to find ways to toughen him up.


So…when he comes to Grandpa’s house this week-end, he is not going to play video games while we work out.  We will be following your regimen for our grandson.


First up though, we are all going swimming (which he loves) and we are also having a gym set installed in the yard this week for him to do his BURSTClub exercises outdoors.


We went to Lowe’s and bought a jungle set that has all kinds of monkey bars, climbing walls, etc.  It looks like an all in one obstacle course.  Since he only lives 2 miles away he will come over to work out with us several times a week.


What a great idea you sent our way!


I am going to send this out to all of my friends to try and get children more motivated to exercise and outside instead of sitting around just using their fingers.


Great work BURSTClub!