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Recently when I did a Google search for “books on healthy eating,” I was shocked to see that 159 MILLION options were available! With such an overabundance of resources in this area, why in the world am I writing another one to add to someone else’s Google search? Do we really need one more guide for eating healthier?

I have asked myself these questions numerous times. The conclusion I’ve come to is this: I’m frustrated…with the wealth of information and knowledge that we have access to, yet the clear lack of application and positive results. I’m frustrated with fad diets and excuses from people when they don’t work. I get frustrated when I hear people say they are “going on a diet.” That immediately implies starting and stopping…committing to a certain plan for a few weeks before returning to old habits which probably weren’t great to begin with. I’m frustrated with how many books and plans I read that complicate the process of reaching a state of good health. Are you as frustrated as I am?

In spite of all the health and nutrition-related books that line our bookshelves and fill our Kindles and iPads, these shocking statistics continue to persist:

  • The average American goes on 4 diets a year.
  • Out of 48 countries, America is dead last in health. Yet we spend more on health care than all 37 countries combined.
  • 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight to obese (that’s nearly 70%)!
  • 50% of children are overweight to obese.
  • By age 65, the average American is on 19.6 prescription drugs.

I’ll spare you any more bad news. Besides, it’s obvious. All we have to do is take a look around us, or maybe even in the mirror, to be reminded that we feel lousy, are not at a healthy weight, and are certainly not living the quality of life that we desire. Most of us are fatigued, overloaded with stress, dependent on multiple prescription drugs, and barely surviving each day.

What we have is an epidemic of sick, alive people.  In other words, we are alive and breathing,  but it’s almost as if we are walking around half dead.

Maybe you don’t feel well or are unhappy with your body—but you’ve lost the motivation to try to improve your health. Or you might be at the other end of the spectrum with an unhealthy obsession to lose weight. Whatever the case, if you feel stuck, are desperate for an answer that offers lasting results, or desire to be free from imbalanced emotions connected to food—then my book, 5 ALIVE, is for you!

It’s a guide that will give you 5 simple keys to eating and thinking to help guide your journey to a lifestyle of healthy eating.  None of us can follow rigid plans every day of our life.  That’s why this is a guide. You will learn what foods are actually ALIVE vs. DEAD and how to apply the principles to every meal.   Plus, I lay out for you how Nathan and I have learned to stay lean and healthy for years eating 5 ALIVE meals a day.

You don’t have to figure out what to do yourself.  I give you 125 starter recipes for these 5 meals that won’t take you hours of preparation in the kitchen.

If you want to eat, think, and feel more ALIVE, apply the simple keys outlined in this guide today.