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Ever heard the 80’s hit song, Walk like an Egyptian? How about changing that tune to: Burst like an Olympian!
When you incorporate burst training into your exercise regimen, you have something in common with Olympic athletes. Picture those chiseled, rock-solid men and women who seem to effortlessly fly around the track, glide through the water, and sprint down the court.


What’s their secret?


Burst training!


When an Olympic athlete is training for a worldwide audience and competing on behalf of their country, getting the greatest return for their efforts is a must. Like you and me, these athletes have job and family responsibilities, so they’ve got to maximize their time by choosing workouts that position their bodies to perform optimally—during training sessions, as well as in the hours following.


Burst training incorporates full-body or multi-muscle exercises performed at high intensities for brief “bursts” of time.


While you may not have access to Olympic coaches and trainers to tailor workouts for you, the next best option is available to you anytime, anywhere! BURSTClub’s workout programs offer you 24-7 mobile access to tailor-made workouts from coaches and former athletes who have experienced the burst training transformation!


You don’t have to be an Olympian to train like an Olympian!


A simple overview of BURSTClub’s burst training program looks like this:



Exercise 1: Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest.

Exercise 2: Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest.

Exercise 3: Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest. Burst. Rest.



So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Burst like an Olympian!


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