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In the past 10 years I’ve had four large babies (as much as 10.5 lbs!), and with each pregnancy, I had terrible sciatic nerve pain and SPD (Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction) that lasted longer and hurt worse until my 4th pregnancy when it took up permanent residence.

Every exercise program and activity I’ve tried over the years would leave me in excruciating pain for a week.  I tried everything from Pilates to weight-lifting to Zumba and would have to stop each one after a couple of weeks because it would exacerbate the pain.

Then my mom told me about BURSTClub.

I thought, “There’s no way my body will hold up to that, IF it can even do any of those moves!”

So I forgot about it.   In mid-May, desperate to not look overly-grotesque on the beach, I gave it a shot as a last resort.

Within days of starting BURSTClub workouts, I realized I was NOT in pain, and in fact, doing the moves took my pain away (trust me, I was doing my own modifications of the modified moves for the first month!).  I am now addicted and just finished my 57th workout yesterday!  🙂  The only pain I’ve had in the last three months is when I go more than two days without BURSTing.

I am so addicted I even kept up my workouts while on vacation and was able to run sprints on the beach (an unspoken dream of mine) AND challenge my 10-year-old to a sprint (which I won by a hair, just for the record!).  My body is far from looking the way I want it to look, but the pain-relief is enough reason for me to keep going.

Now I know I can run across a soccer field with my kids and be an active mom without fear of the pain! 

Nathan and Jenni, you guys are my heroes!  Every day I wish I could hug you and say thank you in person.  God has truly blessed my life through yours!

~ Crystal P.

And to you Crystal, I say, you are one of my heroes!  Having lived through chronic pain myself I know how dark and discouraging those days, weeks, and months can be.  You feel like you will never be “normal” again or enjoy life fully.  You watch everyone else laughing, having fun, and living pain-free and wonder if you’ll ever know what that’s like to play and not wince in pain.

So I am proud of you, Crystal, for the courage it took to try again and for taking a leap and trying something that scared you at first.  The scariest part can be the nagging voice in our head that says, “I’ve already tried 100 other things that didn’t work for me.  Why would this be any different?”   

But you didn’t listen to that voice.  Way to go.  I know the journey has not been easy, nor is it over for you.  But you are on the journey – that’s half the battle!

Keep up the great work friend!

~  Jenni