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What was it that compelled Nathan and I to walk away from everything we’d built for 7 years to start over in this industry with a new company?

I never dreamed this would be my story, but I’ve come to see that living a life of faith is rarely predictable, has numerous unexpected twists and turns, and always requires us to step out before we see the end of the story.

This key principle of trust and faith is what drove us to walk away from a great residual income to begin again.

Not even knowing that we were looking for something different, we saw unmatched potential at doTERRA and knew we had an opportunity of a lifetime in front of us.   Where most people thought we were crazy to walk away from so much, we knew in our hearts that to stay put would be to turn down the biggest opportunity we’d ever been faced with.

And we haven’t been disappointed.  God has blown us away by the possibilities where we are.

After 7 years of consistent building in our other company, we started over with doTERRA and built to one of the top ranks of Diamond in a month.  We made more our first month than in any single month of the previous 7 years where we were.   Making over $23K our first month showed us the unlimited potential this company offers people like us who were craving for the “lid” to be lifted much higher.

We’ve been asked numerous questions about how we did it, and honestly it comes down to a few things that we will dive into in later blog posts.  But ultimately, when God tells you to step out of your boat of safety (that sometimes turns into a boat of fear) and onto the waves of a raging storm, you do it.  You step out because you can be confident that if He is there, walking on the water and beckoning you to come, that it is safer in the storm than it is in the boat.

We also had loads of motivation with walking away from our main source of income and not receiving our final paycheck, which was a total shock to us.  Having that deficit to work out of, we had to trust all the more that God would provide.  And He did.

We love that doTERRA’s culture is not one that pays people to come to the company (although that would’ve been nice).   Not having a safety net forced Nathan and I to dig deep, confirm we were hearing from the Lord correctly, and decide if this move was worth the risk and hardship.   When something costs you so much and the stakes are high, I think it drives you all the more to find a way to make it happen.

We were asked an important question by a friend who knew how this industry works.   He knew that the moment we made this decision to change companies that our 7 year income would be instantly cut off.  He challenged us if it was really worth it and if we would do it even if we had to start completely over.

After seeing how much potential was in front of us because of how many people love doTERRA’s essential oils and are getting incredible results, the unheard of monthly retention rates (industry average is 8-10% and doTERRA’s is 65-70%), a phenomenal leadership team at the helm, and a mission that drives the company, we couldn’t “unknow what we now knew.”

There was a stirring in us for more than we were experiencing and a deep hunger to grow – to grow professionally, personally, spiritually, and emotionally.  And sometimes staying where you are won’t accomplish that.  While this isn’t always the case, I see numerous examples in Scripture of individuals who only grew and accomplished big things when they stepped out and left what was familiar to move into the unknown when God called them to.

I’m forever grateful we stepped out of the boat and that the Lord gave us the faith to do so.  This decision was another “marker moment” for our family and I know we will look back for years to come and see just how impacting it has been not only for Nathan and I, but also for our children and grandchildren.