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Have you ever felt completely frustrated as you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or, or, or…pick your social media platform? There’s plenty to choose from.  And it just seems like everyone else is a little more clear on what they are doing, have honed their message a little tighter, and have risen faster in their job, purpose, or calling than you?

If you set your phone down from those 15-30 minute social media binges and feel sad, sick to your stomach, or even depressed at times, then this word of wisdom is for you.

This is a word that has come straight from my own struggle.

I’m in this thing with you. In my last few years of my 30s though, I’m determined not to enter a new decade dealing with the same unhealthy pattern in my own life.

So what is holding you and I back from moving forward into so much more?

Why do we allow ourselves to scroll aimlessly on social media and be shaken to the core at times by things we see and leave unhappy that we aren’t “there?”

Watch this video to see what I’ve been discovering in my own life that has truly set me free. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this! Leave your thoughts below or under the video.