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I am 5’8” and have always been considered “slim”.

However, as I grew older, had two boys, and the metabolism slowed, “slim” was not exactly accurate. While my height allowed me to carry some extra weight, I decided I had gotten a bit squishy and was ready to do something about it.

Just before the beginning of March 2014, I decided to try a specific inch loss plan, called Shaklee 180, and also BURSTClub workouts.  I loved the flexibility and brief amount of time the workouts took. By adjusting my diet and adding BURSTClub, I was able to go from 158 pounds down to 120 – from a size 10-12 to a 2-4.

In a few months I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday- in better shape than I was when I turned 30!

My original goal was to get back to 135 pounds, which I reached in about three months. The changes I’ve made have increased my metabolism and the weight kept continuing to disappear!

I am working hard to maintain a healthy diet, and get plenty of calories…the right kind…while continuing my BURSTClub workouts. One of my favorite comments from a friend was that she knew I had been doing something because of my “guns”.  I love the muscle tone that I have now and the ability to do pushups and other strength exercises that were a challenge in the past.

Thank you BURSTClub!