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Beckie and Nathan go way back, all the way to college days. It’s hard to believe that all of our time at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA was 20 years ago! Eek!!

That’s the beauty of this business and something I’ve always loved about Network Marketing – it brings people back into your life in a whole new capacity. We never dreamed we would be doing business with a long-time friend like Beckie. Especially one that wasn’t so keen on Network Marketing at first. Let’s be honest. She was pretty much opposed to it. 😆

But after she had a crazy amazing experience with doTERRA essential oils with her daughter she took notice of the product and how life-changing it was. So when we connected with her, knowing she is a true entrepreneur and knows how to build things from the ground up (see her incredible DIY blog) and challenged her to look at the business side of things it was perfect timing.

When she saw the incredible business plan, paired with her incredible work ethic and ability to win, as well as partnering with crazies like us who know a thing or two about network marketing she figured her odds were pretty good at success.

She partnered with one of the fastest growing teams in doTERRA, Elev8 Oils, and gave it a hard honest look. In just 4 months she reached the prestigious rank of Diamond and in less than a year and a half reached one of the highest ranks in the company, Blue Daimond.

Beckie has an amazing team of men and women she works closely with. Beckie excels at Strategy, equipping her team with practical ways to build a doTERRA business and just plain inspiring everyone in her path to be better and do more.

There is not a person on the planet who will out-work Beckie and she has passed that incredible work-ethic on to everyone on her team.

Meet my dear friend, Beckie Farrant.

Don’t forget to grab her FREE eBook that shows how she built a SECOND 6-figure business. Her first is her highly successful DIY blog but her second endeavor might blow your mind because she did it all without ever even telling her online audience!

Grab that in the sidebar of her DIY Site. You’ll see a pic that looks like this: