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Ashley McDonald is a powerhouse mamma who has been through a lot of life in a short amount of life. I’ve watched her for years overcome obstacles and weather storms.

We knew Ashley from a previous business adventure so we knew she was a hard worker and a woman full of passion.

When the opportunity presented itself to share doTERRA with her and her husband Jake, we were thrilled she partnered with us. It was a huge risk to walk away from her current business that took her years to build. But in true Ashley style, she accomplished an incredible feat of reaching the rank of Gold her very first month in the business.

Ashley has an amazing ability to teach and train a duplicatable system. She is a true leader…she leads by example, loves with her whole heart, and sacrifices for her team to reach their dreams. She is extremely passionate about her family and helping other moms to do what she has done. Her team is called Guided by Grace and she is launching an exciting new blog soon! Stay tuned!

Meet Ashley!