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Before starting BURSTClub’s burst training workouts, I was always up and down in my weight.  I tried many diets, cleanses, and workout programs and I did lose some weight, but the problem was I would gain it all right back. Then I would do another diet, lose some weight again, but seemed to always find myself stuck at a certain weight, completely unable to get past the hump.

I got to personally speak with Nathan & Jenni about their program and I knew it was different than anything else I’d ever tried.  So, I started BURSTClub workouts and followed their eating guide with the mindset that I just needed to lose about 5 pounds and I would be pretty cut.

Well, I lost 15 pounds my first month and a total of 4 inches off my waist.  I am back to the weight that I was in high school.  I never thought that I could get back to that weight again…and the best part is, I’ve kept the weight off!

–Justin Z, Tennessee