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Is there really just one exercise that can give you all the fat-burning benefits you desire?


It’s called a sprint. (I can hear you groaning now!)  Don’t check out or think, “Whelp, that does it for me. I can’t sprint so I’m not even bothering to read this.”   If that’s you, hang with me for some options to make sprinting more “doable.”

Sprinting is the ULTIMATE  exercise to position your body to burn more fat throughout the day.  It’s also great to help you bust through a plateau.   Now, if you want to burn fat even when you aren’t working it (when you’re sitting on the couch, sleeping, or working at your desk), build more lean muscle the predominate hours of the day, and increase endurance faster than having to train for a marathon, then read on.

To be completely honest with you, Sprint Days are a love-hate relationship for me.  But I’ll tell you why every time I see “Sprint Day” pop up as my next BURSTClub workout on my phone, I choose to not scroll to the bottom and hit “Workout Complete.”  If you are clicking “Done” to simply advance to the next workout, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Let’s be real.   Sprints are hard.

But just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you aren’t quite ready to go out and high tail it at top speed down your street, start with a fast-paced walk or run that is above average for you.  In other words, you should at least push yourself to a pace that is somewhat uncomfortable.  You don’t have to go all out just yet.  But start small and work up to it.  If you can’t go our recommended 20-second BURSTs, try going 5 or 10.  Work up to 15.  If sprinting outside is a problem for you, use an elliptical, bicycle, or even sprint in the pool.  I’d really love for you to try to overcome whatever it is that is keeping you from straight sprinting outside though.  There just is nothing quite like it.

I understand injuries may be an obstacle.  If it’s an ache or pain you can work through, you will likely find that good stretching prior to and after will help tremendously.  By sprinting you will also be increasing strength in small muscles of your body and we have reports of BURSTClub members long-term knee, hip, sciatica, and ankle pain disappearing as they pushed through and got stronger through sprinting.

When you think of pushing yourself hard (like in a sprint), you may have an inner battle with fully committing.  I get it.  Discomfort is not something any of us tend to sign up for, but no part of getting in shape is really all that comfortable, now is it?  Changing your diet, going to bed early, eliminating things from your life that cause additional stress, and exercising – all of those things take sacrifice, determination, and to a degree, an unspoken commitment on your part to the discomfort of the change, the inconvenience of the process, and the disruption to your “normal” life.

In a moment, when you see why sprinting can be such a valuable tool in your exercise arsenal, maybe you’ll reconsider skipping “Sprint Day” and opt to embrace the discomfort.  If you do, in time you will see major changes in your body, energy level, strength, mood, and even tolerance level.  Before long, your sprints won’t be quite as uncomfortable and you will find yourself pushing a little harder, knowing that on the other side of that 20-second B.U.R.S.T. is results that you’ve grown so accustomed to you no longer want to live without.

At least that’s what runs through my head on the days I’m tempted to click “Workout Complete” even though I didn’t do a single sprint.

I’ve become addicted to the benefits and choose to push through the momentary discomfort.   Sprints are short, sweet, and incomparably effective.

Are you working to lose weight, get over a plateau, or get faster?  What is your biggest obstacle when you think about going out and sprinting?  Let me know below and keep me posted on how you do this week with sticking to your Sprint Days!