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We have no shortage of information as it relates to healthy nutrition. It’s fairly easy to get lost and overwhelmed in all the content—including the countless recipes and plans that are easily accessible.  To avoid the pitfall of information-overload, keep a clear context in your sight at all times.  Context will guide you…keeping you on track and helping you reach your health and weight-loss goals. Context profoundly simplifies and declutters your life by giving you one main thing to focus on.  Doesn’t focusing on one thing sound a lot more simple when it comes to your eating?

Here is your context for each meal:

Eat more ALIVE food than DEAD food.

When you get lost in the seemingly endless food options or caught up counting calories and grams of protein, you can refocus by applying BURSTClub’s ALIVE context to your choices. For example, as you are contemplating whether or not to eat certain foods, ask yourself one of these questions:

  • “Does this food promote LIFE in my body?”
  • “Is this fresh food that will cause me to feel more ALIVE or fake food that will make me feel more DEAD?”
  • “Have I eaten anything ALIVE today?”
  • “Have I drunk enough water?”

You might be surprised how pausing to ask yourself these questions helps ward off a bad choice and keeps you from plunging deeper into survival mode in your thoughts and health.

Next time you’re craving something savory at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, eat a handful of carrots and drink 8-10 ounces of water first. Then ask yourself if you still want the potato chips. Even if the answer is yes, you will likely eat far fewer chips because you added in ALIVE food and water.  If you had gone straight for the chips, you may very well have eaten the entire bag!

By first adding in the ALIVE (seen in my Addition & Multiplication Key in 5 ALIVE), you subtract out the DEAD.

It really is that simple.

Try it this week and comment below about how you do!