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Do you feel crabby, irritable, moody, confused, cloudy, bloated, tired, angry, uncomfortable, or fatigued?  Do you get to that point each month where you actually feel a little (or alot) crazy and feel like someone needs to admit you to a mental hospital?  I know I’ve felt that.  That’s why I’m pushing RESET on my hormones – again.


Have you ever been told that your mood swings, cramps, or hot flashes even are “just part of being a woman”?


I know I have, but the TRUTH is, these symptoms ARE NOT NORMAL, nor do they have to be accepted as a death wish on womanhood.  If you accept the cultural norm that your lot in life as a woman is being cranky and crampy then so be it.  But I’m choosing to go against the grain and be a little weird.  Dave Ramsey has taught me a lot about being “weird” when it comes to budgeting, finances, and credit cards.  I want to show  you how being weird has been a life-saver to me more than once.


Being a woman can and should be exciting and empowering.  Instead, we’ve reduced it to feeling like a curse – simply because most of us don’t know it can be any different.  At least that’s how I was conditioned to view “that time of the month.”   As a middle schooler, I hated being a woman so badly that I really wished I was a boy.


“Boys have it so much easier – they don’t have periods, don’t go through the pain of childbirth, and don’t have to worry about bras.”


That was a broken record I played over and over until some years later when I learned this little secret.


Why Are Our Hormones Out of Balance?


We hear so much talk about balancing hormones and it sounds like quite the science to rub this cream (where??) and take that dosage of hormone here.  While I’m not disregarding any of that, I’ve seen in my life that this explanation makes a lot of practical sense and takes the “mystery” out of hormones!


You’re hormones are not some wispy, mysterious substance floating through your body.  Hormones are just chemical messengers that communicate back and forth between organs.  And these chemical messengers are made up of some really practical stuff like vitamins B, C, Zinc, Amino Acids (the building blocks of protein) and essential fatty acids.


Looking at a few factors should make some light bulbs go off in our heads.  There are 3 main things that impact our hormones daily:


1. Diet

The average American diet is made up of more fake, processed food that is void of these essential fats, protein, and nutrients.  This goes for even those “health nuts” who buy everything gluten free and organic.  Just because it has those labels doesn’t mean you can live on a steady diet of foods that come from boxes or packages.  It will still leave you depleted no matter how organic the cracker, granola bar, or bread is.


2. Depleted Food Sources

Not to be a downer, but many of us are attempting to eat healthy, live foods like fruits and veggies but still feel crappy and like our hormones are out of whack.  This could be largely because unless you are growing it in your own garden or on your own farm it sits on a truck for days and in the supermarket for even more.  In addition  our soil is depleted, leaving the live food less than nutrient dense like it was decades ago.


3. StressIMG_8131[1]

You and I have to admit that we live fast paced, stressful lives.  Even if we aren’t running around pulling our hair out because of stress, just the sheer nature of being a mom or wife denotes we are in a role of managing our households and juggling 5,442 balls.  Just for the record, that is my son Asher’s favorite number.  I don’t know what started it but everything is 5,442. “Mommy, I want to give you 5,442 kisses!”


Anyways, all that juggling is bound to leave you depleted somewhere.


The Simple Answer to Why We Experience PMS


If we aren’t supposed to despise our womanhood because of the awful way we feel each month, than what’s the solution to feeling better so we can enjoy our femininity to the fullest?


When I realized that my hormones were simply made up of nutrients the solution immediately seemed really simple!


Feed the body the vitamins, minerals, and protein it needs and the hormones will have the fuel they need to balance themselves!!


So why do some of us end up curled up in a ball in our beds for days, or some of us feel “crazy” in our heads for half the month?


The answer lies in this simple fact:


The day that you experience any of the above Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms is the day that your body ran out of nutrients to fuel what should be a normal process…menstruation.  Our bodies were designed to do this and do it well.  We had to create a “syndrome” for it when all of our symptoms started to arise years ago due to poor diet, food supply, and increased stress.   Women in some other countries don’t even experience PMS!


This analogy helped me undnerstand it better.  It’s like having the car sitting in the driveway with all the parts, but no fuel in the tank!!!  So the day you begin to experience PMS symptoms – whether that’s 3 days, 5 days, or 2 weeks before your period starts, that is the day you’re body is simply waving the white flag saying, “I’m ALL OUT!!”


What is it all out of???


Vitamins B, C, zinc, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.


Supply the body the fuel it needs, and the “car” will go.  I know this may sound simplistic, but we have seen many women over the last decade do just this.  We’ve had 2 cancel hysterectomy surgeries and 1 who had the surgery and was told she’d never go without HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) be able to come off all artificial hormones and manage her symptoms with natural solutions.


If you are menopausal, this applies to you as well.  Women who have a proper intake of these vital nutrients will make it through menopause with flying colors!



If your hormones are imbalanced and you are looking for a specific “plan” to follow, check out what we’ve been using for over a decade with ladies. I personally did this Natural Hormone Balancing Plan after my 4th child was born.  Believe me, after 4 children in 6 years, my infant son going to heaven at 1 month old, and 6 miscarriages I was a little whacky and needed some SERIOUS balance restored!


There are no magic bullets or one-size-fits-all programs because we are all so uniquely made, have varying levels of stress, and fuel our bodies differently.  However, these are very foundational nutrients that are shown to make up your hormones and if you will start here you may see significant improvement in your hormones health and mental well-being!


I can’t wait to hear your story.  Please share it will me as you push RESET on your hormones.


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